In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about technology, an element in life that we have grown really dependent on. This is quite an important issue, because although technology has always been an important factor in human history, recently there has been a radical and intensified development in the area that has seen to new products and solutions without alternatives. Just imagine a world without computers after society has become so dependent on them, both in social and working environments. But aside from information technology, there are thousands of other areas that have been almost irreversibly transformed by progress. Just consider having to salt your meat to preserve it instead of simply putting it inside your fridge! We can break up thinking about technology as follows:

  • The benefits of information-technology
  • Varieties of technology
  • The negative aspects of depending on technology

The plus-side of information-technology

As I already mentioned, technology has developed into an irreplaceable part of our lives. Just think about social media. Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate and share intimate moments with our friends and family. Twitter has turned upside down the way politicians and celebrities speak out to their audiences.? All these changes have been for the better, because we don’t have to wait for the morning newspaper or call our friends’ houses at an inappropriate hour to hear important news.

Now, computers in general have seen to a great transition in the human experience. In the work place, you need them to create presentations, write up documents and e-mail colleagues around the world. At school and university, you need them for similar reasons, and with new software like Google Documents, you can even open up a document with team-members at the same time, and edit it together. Another fantastic thing about computers is video-calling. Skype has become a vital tool for millions of families in all countries, as the instantaneous way in which it allows you to contact loved ones has ultimately turned upside down the way we think about communication. I know I certainly used it on a weekly if not daily basis to contact my parents while I was studying in Europe. The number of ways in which computers have helped us is almost infinite, as it has become pivotal for entertainment purposes as well. Most of us watch movies, listen to music and even listen to the radio online.

Information technology has always fascinated me because of the amazing speed at which it moved forward. I mean, I remember just under ten years ago how excited I was to get my first mobile phone with a colour screen! Then there was one with a camera, and the unthinkable: internet on your phone. Now there are tablets, touch screens, 3-D compatible televisions and monitors: how could anyone not be amazed?

Varieties of technology

There are many other interesting sub-categories of technology, however. The word itself effectively applies to man-made instruments that facilitate the carrying out of activities.? There are thousands of other things that are considered technology that do not even require electricity, and these are objects that were often conceived a long time ago. For example, straws, drinking glasses and cutlery are all examples of technology, and although they appear mundane, they are fantastic examples of the ingenuity of the human being, an incomparable feature in any other living being.

Electrical technological items are just as interesting. The example I mentioned earlier is the refrigerator, which allows us to store food for convenience. Another is the washing machine, which lets us was clothes in our own homes, rather than the previous alternative of either going to a well or a river. It’s really intriguing to think how dependent we have become on these things, some of which we could do without, and others which have become so ingrained in society as a whole that it would be inconceivable to no longer have available. Technology has also helped us take care of our planet more, and let me just recommend you? buy solar panels wholesale from AVIC Solar, because they offer great deals, which will save you money and help take care of the environment.

The negative aspects of depending on technology

The bad part about depending on technology is that we’re gradually becoming increasingly prone to laziness and losing our sense of working hard to achieve our goals. If a machine can do a job quicker, we question the need to do it ourselves. The scary thought is how things might be in a hundred or even two hundred years. Will those who have lost a commitment to exercise regularly be sitting all day with all chores and tasks being carried out by machines? The consequences on our evolutionary path might be severe.


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