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Imagine a home which harnesses energy that is 100% free for all your daily needs. Imagine the cleanest power that has no wastage and creates no harmful by-products and releases no hazardous emissions. Imagine you and your family living a life that is as fulfilling as it is futuristic. Imagine a life where maintenance of your equipment for harnessing energy resource is minimal. Imagine being a saviour of the planet merely by keeping an eco-friendly solar-powered residence. Imagine living happily with solar accessories for homes.

All you have to do is turn to solar technology – putting up solar panels on the roof or at any surface that catches the sun, and also choosing from an array of solar accessories for homes.

Hassle-free, maintenance-free solar accessories for homes

Installation of these solar panels is not the pain it used to be years ago. With the development of ultra-light photovoltaic film that cover the surface of the once-heavy solar panels, the load on your roof and other surfaces is much reduced. The panels are easy to cart around and put up anywhere where maximum use of sunlight can be made through the day.

Maintenance is right down to a few wipes of the surface, only once in a while, to ensure there is not dust and dirt on the surface of the panels facing the sun. And with this timely check, you can have your solar panels perform to optimum capacity year after year… until you recover all your initial outlay spent on the solar accessories for home, your accoutrements of the technological environment-friendly future.

Why solar is the future

Using solar accessories for homes is the future because it is the cleanest source of energy which is always available and completely free. With reserves of fossil fuels fast running out, new technology has stepped up research to the extent that almost all appliances we use today can be run on the power of the sun.

Solar architecture has already been practiced for a long time. Since the earliest proper buildings were designed – either as homes or public spaces like temples or workplaces – man has tried to maximize on factors like sunlight, wind directions for better cooling and ventilation and local materials for building, which are not only less expensive to transport to the building site, but also better suited to the local climate. Modern day solar architecture incorporates sun roofs, for free daytime lighting, integrated solar panels built into the roofing so that the sun’s rays can be tapped and its inexhaustible energy exploited to run man-made machines and gadgets.

Because of the limitless supply of solar energy there is no shortage of resource when we want ready power. Solar power is efficient energy, which means there is very little wastage when the conversion to electricity takes place. Solar accessories for home comprise green technology, carbon emission is reduced and we can all breathe easier, knowing that we are not causing more damage to our delicate eco-system than necessary. Clean technology means that there is no air or water pollution as there are no spin-off products generated by converting sun power to electrical charge.

A wide range of option for your home

There were times when solar energy was used mainly to heat water for our washrooms and kitchens. Now we can use solar power in almost every electrical device that we use every day. We can plug solar energy directly to the central energy distribution system in our homes, much the way in which we add on our inverters and generators to the existing circuitry.

This ensures power supply to where we want it. Solar generators reserve some of the power for the night time hours when direct conversion from light to electricity cannot happen. Therefore, pretty much on tap, with the throwing of a switch, we get electrical power when and where we want it with today’s solar accessories for homes.

Besides hooking up our entire homes to solar power grids, there are now choices aplenty if we want to use standalone appliances that run with the help of solar power. Solar accessories for homes now span products like all kinds of lights and fans, cooking apparatus, heating devices, solar vehicles, fridges and freezers, programmable timers, hair dryers, pressure pumps, battery chargers, voltage reducers, water heaters, emergency lanterns and much more.

Cost was a deterrent in the early years of solar technology – but not today. Research and development in this field has greatly reduced the price of solar accessories for homes. Besides this, in much of the developing world, extensive subsidies and other direct and indirect support from the government as well as contribution of the voluntary sector allow private consumers to buy solar accessories at impossibly low prices. In many parts of the world, solar panels are given away free in order to light up schools and community centres used by the economically challenged sections of society. Innovations have also cut costs down to a fifth of what they used to be.

Solar accessories for homes and, indeed, anywhere promotes green living which is the only way ahead if we are to keep our planet safe and secure for future generations.


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