Sun, 30 Apr 2017
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Solar Farms
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About us  

AVIC SOLAR is a leading supplier of solar power systems inclusive of solar panels, inverters and mounting racks.

AVIC SOLAR devotes to the wholesale of solar panels, inverters and racks.

Green energy, Green Future. We are sure to go further in solar industry.

BLD 250W mono solar panelsPrairiesun 250W mono solar panelsMounting System Installation ManualTBEA 250W SOLAR PANELSQXPV solar panels 250w multicrystallineCircuit Breaker EnclosureDC breakerDC IsolatorSMA solar inverter sunny boy 3000TL 5000TLSMA solar inverter sunny boy 1700Think Solar InverterFlat Roof Adjustable Solar Mounting RacksTin Roof Solar Mounting RacksStainless Steel Cable ClipTile Roof Solar Mounting Racks
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