Sun, 30 Apr 2017
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AVIC is a leading supplier of wholesale solar panels for sale across Australia along having a strong, ever growing presence across Europe, Africa, America and Asia Pacific. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with cutting edge technology.

Highest Quality Brands & Cheapest Solar Panels Prices

Solar panels are the lifeline of solar power systems and that will never change. They help determine the electricity output of your system and ensure high output. The better the quality, the more electricity generated and the longer the lifetime. Our team of specialists allow you to buy solar panels wholesale with advice and support directly from our Sydney, NSW offices (we supply nationwide including Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and so on) to ensure your experience of working with us is of the highest standard.

We are solar panel suppliers with many brands on hand for our customers to choose from, such as TBEA, Prairiesun, GY and many more. This allows us to provide cheap prices for solar panels from Chinese and German manufacturers at an affordable cost and of the highest quality. Models include 190w and 250w mono crystalline, which are two of our most popular models. Twenty-five years performance guarantee from the manufacturers are ensured.

Our company is the sole agent of TBEA solar panel systems in Australia. TBEA photovoltaic panels are made by BP Sunoasis Co., Ltd. which is a joint venture between BP and TBEA. TBEA is one of the top 3 largest manufacturers of transformers in the world.

Prairiesun is our strategic partner in Australia. They run the whole production line from the raw material to cells and then to solar panels. Their panels are used worldwide.

GY’s dedicated factory puts us in a very strong position as a supplier. With two automatic production lines for the manufacturing process and their quality control process that includes automatic error detection, you can be sure all products are in top condition prior to dispatch to customers.

BLD 250W mono solar panels
Prairiesun 250W mono solar panels
QXPV solar panels 250w multicrystalline
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