Sun, 30 Apr 2017
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Solar inverters are an integral element for solar power systems. They convert the DC to AC and increase the voltage to 230V for our electrical equipment using.

Multiple Brands of Solar Inverters Available

We mainly sell SMA inverters which are made in Germany and SMA inverters are widely used all over the world. It has many years’ experience for producing inverters. Comparing to other inverters, the price of SMA is higher. However the quality and after-sale service are both very important. We choose the best solar inverters Australia to complement solar power systems, because most of the problems that occur are due to the breakdown of inverters. Solar panels and mounting racks have fewer problems than inverters so it’s very important to choose the best.

There is another brand of inverters named Think Solar which are made in China. Think Solar inverters have WiFi and most of the inverters have dual MPPT.

All solar inverters for sale come with 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

SMA solar inverter sunny boy 3000TL 5000TL
SMA solar inverter sunny boy 1700
Think Solar Inverter
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